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Welcome, not only to the First Congregational Church of Laingsburg, Michigan website, but also to the life of the fellowship of believers in this place. We are a church open to all. You need not be a member of a particular denomination or even of any denomination to be welcome here.

We are the direct, spiritual descendants of the Pilgrims. Our forefathers and mothers sought freedom of spiritual life, worship, and community in the New World. In 1620, at Plymouth Rock, they set foot upon a continuing journey of faith. They did so in the hope of making real a life based upon the profound statement of Jesus that wherever two or more are gathered in His name, there he would be in their midst.

We model our church community after theirs. We take the Bible to be the sole and sufficient guide in all matters of belief. We hold that each man and woman must come, with the help, nurture, support, encouragement and guidance of the community of believers, to their own right relationship with God through Christ Jesus our Lord.

We believe the church to truly exist only when her people are gathered in worship and service to their Lord. For us, the church is not merely a building. The church is the living presence of Christ in the hearts of those who follow Him. I invite you to call or visit or join in worship with us. If you truly desire to be His disciple, you are most welcome here.